@Videostatic Marshmello & Anne-Marie "Friends" (Hannah Lux Davis, dir.) https://t.co/nbWWUK7r7F #video #musicvideo 1 day 11 hours ago


NCTRNM "Soft Drink" (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

Synopsis: An art-house fashion film describing the close relationship that exists between Grace (Elegance), Beauty and Death -characterized by 3 fashion models- and represented in several surreal and dark tableaux. Cinematography inspired by the works of Jean-Luc Godard.

Credits: Jefi Fashion and Provoke Films present | a film by Ciro Ayala | "La Grâce, La Beauté, La Mort" (Grace, Beauty, Death) | Fashion Models: Jullian Liu and 周濃 | Fashion Design by Jefi Kao and Sony J | Key Make Up by Jefi Kao | CGI VFX by Provoke Films | 2017-2018

MercyMe "I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session)" (Ben Smallbone, dir.)

Coming to theaters March 16, I Can Only Imagine is a gripping reminder of the power of forgiveness. Based on the true-life story of MercyMe’s Bart Millard, I Can Only Imagine beautifully illustrates that no one is ever too far from God’s love—or from an eternal home in Heaven. In conjunction with the new film, MercyMe has recorded “I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session).”

Moss Kena "Square One" (Holly Blakey, dir.)

Avant Garde Director and Choreographer Holly Blakey directs a promo for rising artist Moss Kena’s track “Square One.” The video is visceral, a choreographic interplay of misplacement of power. In Blakey’s words "ambiguity, and the idea that we never find where power truly lies, is at the heart of this new video. Power moves on and on—nobody knows where it stops or where it began.” The track Square One marks the beginning of mysterious artist Kena’s more public career having come up through the Soundcloud underground.

Cosmic Gate & JES "Fall Into You" (Olaf Guerrero & Katheryne KTEE Thomas, dir.)

There is always magic in the air when Germany’s most successful trance DJ Duo and producers Cosmic Gate get together in the studio with acclaimed singer and songwriter JES. Their dazzling singles “Flying Blind” (2012) and „Yai (Here We Go Again) (2015), racked up millions of Spotify streams and ”Flying Blind“ got also honored with an IDMA Best Trance Track nomination. With the hypnotic “Fall Into You”, their latest effort together, they’ve perfected the partnership. With 3.000.000 Million streams on Spotify it’s one of their most successful single releases of the latest album “Materia.“