Daughters "Less Sex" (Jeremy W., dir.)

The new single from Daughters latest album, You Won't Get What You Want, on Ipecac Records. Jeremy W. directs Daughters frontman Alexis Marshall and artist Christine Adams in an evocative performance. Composed in a minimalist black and white photographic style, Less Sex captures the fury and vulnerability of the outsider.

By Jeremy W. on February 27, 2019 @ 3:11pm PST

Jasmine Thompson "Loyal" (SASHINSKI, dir.)

From The Director:

The visual was a reawakening for Jasmine, positioning herself in a slightly different realm with a beautiful new sound. Working closely with choreographer Darcy Wallace we wanted the movement to reflect the themes of loyalty, separation and then finally freedom and independence. We filmed on a brutally cold day in December at Chatham Historic which is an epic space. Special thanks to Nicola Sheppard at Atlantic who gave me the freedom to collaborate closely with Jasmine to sculpt the creative.

KAYAM "Ground" (Kim & Mike Rauss & Fabian Eisenacher, dir.)

Brother/sister duo KAYAM release the brand new video for their latest single “Ground”. The track has been enjoying an unexpected success and was featured in the Spotify Germany Viral 50 tracks for multiple weeks. Wonderfully interwoven lyrics and an instantly memorable chorus hook go hand in hand with this charming and playful one-take video.