Eyes Without A Face "The Grift" (Lucien Xavier Cyr, dir.)

Directed by Lucien Xavier Cyr, "The Grift" is a tribute to the vampire flicks of the 80s, reimagined in a retro-futuristic cyberpunk setting. Keen-eyed viewers will note a number of film references throughout the video, as the female protagonist wanders around the city in an attempt to recall the events of the previous night. Stalked by digital demons, she is eventually confronted by the high-tech creatures of the night and must make her decision: to join... or die!

DEAR JOE "Long Way Gone" (Joel Kriget, dir.)

The Swedish indie pop band DEAR JOE has through live performances mixed with creative processes off stage formed the music that has sculptured the new mini album Long Way Gone. Their roots within the indie/folk genre has by time reshaped and developed their expression with a heavy and deep sound combined with the fragile and near. DEAR JOE has created their own version of indiepop/rock where focus lies on beautifully composed melodies that are surrounded by the grandiose and powerful. The title song Long Way Gone and this video is a pure example of this.