DELANILA "It's Been A While Since I Went Outside" (Danielle Eva Schwob, dir.)

"It's Been A While Since I Went Outside" is the fourth single from OVERLOADED, and was written during a time when I was working at home alone a lot, connected to the outside world through a screen and feeling isolated, much like most of the world is now. This video is a self-made DIY project that I'm calling a "visual poem," shot in downtown Manhattan during the COVID-19 outbreak and edited while in lockdown.

Octavian & Take a DayTrip "Poison" (Crowns&Owls, dir.)

‘Poison’ Lust? Love? All the same no?

Rap artist Octavian collaborates with Directors Crowns&Owls to bring us a well executed video that floats us into alluring in-camera trickery, tasteful styling and beautifully composed shots.


You can say it’s much easier when the track’s a banger but having artists that are also up for breaking the mould makes the process enjoyable to say the least;


Directors Crowns&Owls

Douglas Greed "The Few" (Lukasz Pytlik, dir.)

„The Few (with Odd Beholder)“ is a music video by Lukasz Pytlik taken from the forthcoming album „ANGST“ by DOUGLAS GREED. Douglas Greed comes from a house and techno background and this electro pop song is a rather unusual kind of song for him. The vocalist ODD BEHOLDER lets you dive into an observation of two characters that got divided by fear. Fear of the unknown -the fear of change -the fear of strangers. It is a driving and catchy song even though the story is quiet serious.

But thats what music can be there for: telling stories that keep on ringing in your head