NEW RELEASE: Bumblebeez "Dr. Love"

Bumblebeez Director Tom Kuntz makes a triumphant return to music video with a hilarious and quirky clip for Australia's Bumblebeez. Best known for his trio of Electric Six videos —  "Danger! High Voltage," "Gay Bar" and "Radio Ga Ga," all  directed with former partner-in-crime Mike Maguire — Kuntz keeps "Dr. Love" weird  by casting a troupe of hooligans scrounged off some L.A. backlot, each sporting custom bling drawn on his chest. The video ends with a dance sequence that is sure to make Fatima Robinson cringe with, er, jealousy, and then codas with a tableaux of samples tickled from the gangsters' fronts. This may turn out to be one of the best hip-hop videos of the year, albeit in a "Windowlicker" kinda way. (review by Kevin Holy) --> watch "Dr. Love"

Bumblebeez "Dr. Love" (Modular)
Tom Kuntz, director | Scott Kaplan, producer | MJZ, production co | Bryan Newman, DP | Carlos Arias / Final Cut, New York, editor