NEW RELEASE: Dr. Octagon "Trees"

Trees Are Dying How much peril is the earth's environment in? Even the rappers have noticed. Kool Keith aka Dr. Octagon provides "Trees," a snapshot of a bleak future of lost forests, pollution and other consequences of consumption. The symptoms of the earth's problem are mainly conveyed through skillful computer animation, while Octagon rhymes about the chemicals that threaten our existence without sounding trite or esoteric. Don't look for the former Ultramagnetic MC in the video; his vocals are lip-synced by a dancing adolescent weatherman who channels the spirit of Steve Urkel.  This video, which doubles as a PSA, was produced by MTV as part of their think MTV: Break The Addiction campaign. -- watch Trees at MTV or in Quicktime

Review by Craig Belcher, curator of the blog Rap, Lies & Videotape. 

Dr. Octagon "Trees" (OCD International)
George Greville, director | Jere Orlandi & Simon Walbrok, producer | MTV, production co | Pat Donnelly, DP | Rob Campbell @ Click 3X, editor | Click 3X, editor | Steve Tozzi, Mark Szumski & Anthony Filipakis @ Click 3X, design & visial effects



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