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NEW RELEASE: Erykah Badu "Honey"

Maggot Brainhoney

In this debut clip from from her first release in five years, New Amerykah (Part 1), Erykah Badu visits a beloved, but endangered species… the record store. Badu sees her self pictured on various album covers — from the current (Nas' Illmatic) and the classic (Funkadelic's earthbound Maggot Brain and the apposite Ohio Players' Honey) — mouthing the words to this mellow funk joint. During a brief interlude, Ms. Badu pays homage to OutKast's"Hey Ya," complete with a throwback wardrobe and the requisite duplicates of herself. The video by Badu and director Chris Robinson —now aka Mr. Roboto —  is a savvy tribute to popular music and the remaining places that distribute it in its traditional state. That show of respect is only reinforced by the end, when Badu hands the clerk her cash and lets him keep the change. Try doing that in iTunes. (review by Craig Belcher) --> watch "Honey"

Erykah Badu "Honey" (Universal Motown)
Erykah Badu & Mr. Roboto, directors | Megan Gutman, producer | Robot Films, production co | Robin Frank Management, rep | Crash, DP | T. David Binns, editor | X1FX, visual effects

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