WATCH IT: Kelly Rowland "Forever & A Day" (Sarah Chatfield, dir.)

A casual and sunny pop video gets a bit of a twist, or a flick, via an interface that's swiped from your iPhone. Logos get tapped to trigger various edits; pinching makes things zoom in and out, etc, etc. Possibly not the kind of finger manipulation some Kelly Rowland fans have been dreaming about, but even they should admit it's a clever conceit. --> watch "Forever And A Day"

WATCH IT: Cypress Hill "Rise Up" (Syndrome, dir.)

Cypress Hill dive back into the rock/rap well — anyone remember "Rock Superstar"?  — with "Rise Up," a metal/funk/rap rave-up featuring Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. The visuals are essentially a Shepard Fairey revolutionary propaganda poster come to life, pulled off with the usual skill by Syndrome. --> watch "Rise Up" (YouTube link / No embed, because Blog Embedding Is Killing The Music)

WATCH IT: Against Me! "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

Every anarchist has his day, I guess. And that day for Against Me! singer Tom Gabel is presented in this simple, yet inspired video directed by Marc Klasfeld. Gabel tries to outdistance a baton-wielding cop, but he gets nabbed, and pummeled — as apparently happened to Gabel years ago — but clearly retains some sense of victory in how it inspires the many onlookers to start setting the world on fire. --> watch "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" and a Making-Of