WATCH IT: Antony & The Johnsons "Cut The World" (Nabil, dir.)

You know something awful is going to happen in this video from almost the first second. Willem DaFoe in the main role only intensifies that feeling, poked along by a perfectly relaxed, yet highly suspenseful flow that matches each ebb and rise of the operatic song. About midway through it takes a turn toward something horrifying, making it extremely NSFW unless you really hate your boss. --> watch "Cut The World"


LARK CREATIVE Antony And The Johnsons
"Cut The World" (Secretly Canadian)

Nabil, director | Liz Kessler, producer | A+/Academy Films, production co | Lasse Frank, DP | Tony Kearns, editor | Fleur Ankone, art director | Matt Turner, colorist