The Weeknd "[28]" (NABIL, dir.) NSFW

the weeknd [28] *nsfw

The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye is a stranger in a strange land for this beautiful, yet gloomy NABIL video. A foreign language talk show appearance that feels more like a clinical examination than something meant to attract viewers. The ghost of a lover watching at home. Not even the topless strippers can cheer him up, which isn't a surprise since they look dead-eyed and clearly under duress. 

It's the kind of video that makes you wonder what Prince coulda done if he had been peaking in the NSFW age. And yes, it's NSFW, unless you work on a European beach

WATCH IT: Antony & The Johnsons "Cut The World" (Nabil, dir.)

You know something awful is going to happen in this video from almost the first second. Willem DaFoe in the main role only intensifies that feeling, poked along by a perfectly relaxed, yet highly suspenseful flow that matches each ebb and rise of the operatic song. About midway through it takes a turn toward something horrifying, making it extremely NSFW unless you really hate your boss. --> watch "Cut The World"


WATCH IT: Feist "The Bad In Each Other" (Martin De Thurah, dir.)

A man burying a dog. A young pickpocket making his profitable way thrugh a crowded market. Little narrative snippets, all shot on location in Mexico City, like that make up the video for "The Bad In Each Other," each one presented not as a puzzle to be figured out, but as a potential trigger for the viewer to get emotionally engaged. As Feist described it (in snippets) on Twitter: