WATCH IT: Beirut "Concubine"


Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Midnight Cowboys. Director Alma Har'el draws some very obvious parallels between a boy growing up near the Salton Sea and a young man on the streets of L.A. "Concubine" is basically an impressionistic tale of how a restless and innocent youth can easily become a listless and possibly sordid young adult. Beirut main man Zach Condon appears in the clip as the grown-up boy, now an L.A. version of Joe Buck — as in the Jon Voight male "Concubine" character in Midnight Cowboy, not the sports announcer turned feeble talk show host — fitting right in with a Gene Simmons lookalike as he mills around with all the other futile dreamers drawn to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. --> watch "Concubine"


Beirut "Concubine" (Badabing/Pompeii)
Alma Har'el, director/editor | Kathleen Heffernan, producer | Molly Bohas/Collide, rep | Matthias Koenigswieser, DP (L.A. scenes) | Alma Har'el, DP (desert/Salton Sea scenes) | Lauren Tafuri, editor



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Some excellent images mixed with a well blended contrast, Alma never disappoints.