WATCH IT: Beyonce "Run The World (Girls)"

In some ways this video/song feels more like M.I.A. than Beyonce, except things culminate in an epic dance-off than in the murder of a runaway Ginger. A bigger distinction is that this feels big, yet effortless with one distinctive image/set-up after another while Beyonce lords over it all like some post-modern Thunderdomed Tina Turner winning a Battle of the Sexes with nothing more than a few flicks of her hips. --> watch "Run The World (Girls)"

DNA Beyonce "Run The World (Girls)" (Columbia)
DNA, production co | Jeffrey L. Kimball, DP

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Director: Francis lawrence
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what's up with Francis not being credited on this? Creative difference with B?
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word is Francis wanted his name was not what he turned in and he was not happy with the damage Beyonce's people did to his work