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WATCH IT: Blink 182 "After Midnight" (Isaac Rentz, dir.)

One clear predecessor for Blink-182's newest video is The Breakfast Club, but set in a adolescent psych ward rather than a suburban high school's detention hall. Director Isaac Rentz has worked with Blink before (perhaps they are his Molly Ringwald?) and he definitely captures the bittersweet, reflective vibe of the band with practiced skill. It almost seems like Blink has entered that 'Aerosmith/Alicia Silverstone' stage of their career where they leave the storyline action to a younger crew (who certainly resemble Carey Mulligan and Joe-Gordon Levitt). No more banana suits or boy-band impressions; I guess this is growing up. --> watch "After Midnight"

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"After Midnight" (Interscope)

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