WATCH IT: B.o.B. "Nothin On You" (Ethan Lader, dir.)

BoB making-Of

Building upon the paper cut-out video he did for Sliimy "Womanizer," director Ethan Lader brings this ode to beautiful girls all over the world to life. It's also a big step forward for B.o.B., who seems ready to shed the alterna-rapper tag and join Will.I.Am as a bonafide pop star with this undeniable crossover hit.

Ethan Lader, director: "We shot the video on a white sound stage. I edited it on Final Cut Pro. Then we printed out over 3,000 frames onto paper. Then every frame was hand torn by a team of 8 people. From there we animated the frames, photographing each frame with a digital camera, and then imported it back into Final Cut Pro. The backgrounds are also paper collages we took digital stills of and keyed in after animation. It was a process and a half!" (swiped from Ethan's Vimeo page)

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B.o.B f/ Bruno Mars
"Nothin' On You" (Rebel Rock/Grand Hustle/Atlantic)

Ethan Lader, director | Chris Cho, producer | Kleiner Inc, production co | George Rausch, animator | Emmanuelle Cuny-Panicker, commissioner