WATCH IT: Chris Brown "Look At Me" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Chris Brown in a cage with a disco ball face? Fire-breathers? A return-to-form quickfire Busta Rhymes and an always solid Lil Wayne on the track? Hypnotic cuts and camera moves, an homage to Mars Blackmon and lots of other little, big details in a graffiti strewn location? Maybe C.Breezy should stick with the videos and avoid live TV, since this clip makes it easy to see why his new album is gonna easily top the sales chart. --> watch "Look At Me Now"

Logo_labuda Riveting Ent Chris Brown f/ Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne
"Look At Me" (Jive/ZLG)

Colin Tilley, director | Andrew Listermann, producer | Riveting Ent., production co | Labuda Management, rep | Joe Labisi, DP | Colin Tilley @ Riveting Post, editor | Bob Curreri @ Riveting Post, colorist 

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