WATCH IT: Coldplay "Viva La Vida" (2 versions)

Coldplay It is rare for the high art and the music video worlds to overlap, so it might come as a surprise to see two different video clips for one song inspired by a painting from 1830. The artwork, by the painter Delacroix depicting the French "July Revolution," is on the cover of the most recent Coldplay album and now it is the backbone of two separate clips for the title track, ‘Viva La Vida.’ The first clip is directed by Hype Williams and uses the painting "Liberty Leading the People" as the color palette for a sparkling, yet murky, post-effected backdrop. It's a simple clip that echoes the graphic, expressionistic qualities of the Apple TV commercial featuring the song and focuses completely on the performance. [review by Doug Stern] --> watch "Viva La Vida" (official version), also in streaming Quicktime

Coldplay "Viva La Vida" (Capitol)
Hype Williams, director/producer/editor | Naaila, production co | John Perez, DP | Hype Williams + Scott Pryor, post production supervisors

Coldplay The second "alternate" clip is done in the style of director Anton Corbijn's Depeche Mode classic "Enjoy The Silence" and apparently directed by Corbijn as well, although that's not 100% clear. It features Coldplay frontman/baby-misnamer Chris Martin as a freshly deposed King with plenty of time on his royal hands. He drags the inspirational painting around, his last vestige of privilege, as he visits old castles and a tiny city that allows him to bask in his own majesty, even as the painting reminds him that Liberty will never be held back for long. Is the Liberty in the painting taunting the dethroned King, or showing him that new, unexpected freedoms await even deposed despots? Recommended viewing for the current occupants of the West Wing. [review by Doug Stern] --> watch "Viva La Vida" (alternate version)