New Releases - 2008.08 Aug

WATCH IT: Hit The Lights "Stay Out"

Zombies eat brains, right?  Yet, the zombie that encounters the emo partyboys in this Hit The Lights video  seems to have zero interest in sinking his teeth through their crania and enjoying the sweet nectar of cerebellum. Instead, he goes along with the guys on an economical night on the town, drinking 40's, shotgunning beers, peeing on walls, etc, etc. Either these nimrods have no brains to eat, or some zombies just love the nightlife, baby. --> watch "Stay Out"

WATCH IT: All Time Low "Poppin' Champagne"

Well, it looks like the effects of Barack Obama's nuanced speech on race relations — "the most honest speech on race in America in my adult lifetime," according to pundit Andrew Sullivan —are already being felt in the pop-punk constituency. All Time Low actually seem to exist in a sort of Colbertian post-race world where poking fun of hip-hop video stereotypes is no more

WATCH IT: Fonzworth Bentley "Everybody"

A rap record by an effete valet might not be a sure bet in the machismo-oriented marketplace of the rap world, but this isn't just any manservant. Fonzworth Bentley is Diddy's former umbrella holder, who's also held his own on tracks by Da Band and Outkast. On "Everybody," the first single from his debut  album C.O.L.O.U.R.S, Bentley calls in heavy hitters Kanye West and Andre 3000 to play members of a tuxedo-clad quintet with a ridiculous moniker (Cool