WATCH IT: Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" (Syndrome, dir.)

How do you make videos for two different songs called "Radioactive" while making sure there's zero chance they're even remotely similar? Simple. While Syndrome goes goes all space-age for Rita Ora's "Radioactive," the Imagine Dragons song of the same name gets downright spacey: Lou Diamond Phillips, a cuddlier version of cock fighting, and a majestically powerful pink teddy bear all play key roles in this purposefully bizarre tale about the underdog coming out on top.  --> watch "Radioactive"

This Is FrankImagine Dragons "Radioactive" Interscope
Syndrome, director | Plus Four Productions, production co. | This Is Frank, rep |  Josh Reis, Will Bex, DP | David Blackburn, editor | Alexander Pacion, art director | Michelle An, commissioner



Phil Mucci's picture
Oh, hell yeah! I'm a sucker for puppet mayhem. Seems to be a trend!
Todd's picture
I am disappointed with the world.