WATCH IT: Kanye West "Champion"

Kanye You know what these Olympics need? Kanye West. In his shutter shades, breaking records, winning medals. While Kanye will probably not be at the Bird's Nest to kick some ass in the Track & Field competition — although I wouldn't be surprised if we see his shutter shades on a champion or two — this video provides a glimpse at what it would be like if a puppet version of Kanye decided to enter the 100m dash. Sounds unlikely, but remember: Kanye can seemingly do anything he likes. If Diddy can run the NYC Marathon, then why can't Kanye one-up him by earning some Olympic bling? As a puppet, no less. --> watch "Champion"

Kanye West "Champion" (Roc-A-Fella/IDJMG)
NEON, directors | Justin Benoliol/Kathleen Heffernan, producers | Partizan, production co | Ross Reige, DP | Ryan Bartley, editor | Toben Seymour, puppets + lead puppeteer | Brandon Parvini/Ghosttown, post/fx | Janicza Bravo, costumes