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WATCH IT: Spiritualized "Hey Jane" (AG Rojas, dir.)

Think it's hard out there for a pimp? I have a feeling it's nowhere near as hard as it is for the lead character in this devastating video from director AG Rojas. The "Jane" in this case — note: Why are rock n' roll Janes always in bad circumstances? —  is a trans person, existing on the margins of society and supporting a son by dancing and hooking. There's nudity here, but it's really the violence and the ending sequence that makes me recommend you approach it with caution. Because this brutal little film makes "Turn The Page" seem like "Tip Drill."

AG Rojas, director: "[Video commissioner] Juliette Larthe had seen a teaser for a short film I did and felt like my aesthetic would suit Jason Pierce for the first video off his new Spiritualized album. It was one of those tracks where an image immediately appears, and that image was of a transvestite in Atlanta. I wrote the treatment and it was commissioned right away. Jason gave me complete freedom to make it my own. Once we met James, our protagonist, we knew we were going to have something special. I had written the treatment with our protagonist having a son, and James had a son who we cast, making the film feel that much more real. The video is a testament to a musician, a record label, and a couple of production companies having faith in a vision."

--> watch "Hey Jane" [viewer discretion]

LARK CREATIVE Spiritualized "Hey Jane" (Double Six/Fat Possum)
AG Rojas, director | Anna Rau, producer | Caviar Content/Somesuch & Co., production co's | LARK CREATIVE, rep |  Michael Ragen, DP | Michael Carter, editor | Corbett Jones, production manager | Jasper Thomlinson, Michael Sagol, Tim Nash, exec. producer | Juliette Larthe, commissioner

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