@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 8 hours 7 min ago
@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 8 hours 7 min ago

Fat Possum

QUICK CLIP: Caveman "Thankful" (Austin Peters, dir.)

Swap out this Caveman song for something heavier and this docustyle depiction of semi-professional wrestlers would make for potentially kickass Black Label Society video, especially since their biker branding is pretty prominently displayed here. That said, the BLS edit would probably feature more piledrivers and less "lonely Wrestler" footage. --> watch "Thankful" 

WATCH IT: Spiritualized "Hey Jane" (AG Rojas, dir.)

Think it's hard out there for a pimp? I have a feeling it's nowhere near as hard as it is for the lead character in this devastating video from director AG Rojas. The "Jane" in this case — note: Why are rock n' roll Janes always in bad circumstances? —  is a trans person, existing on the margins of society and supporting a son by dancing and hooking. There's nudity here, but it's really the violence and the ending sequence that makes me recommend you approach it with caution. Because this brutal little film makes "Turn The Page" seem like "Tip Drill."

WATCH IT: Yuck "Get Away" (Michael, dir.) - NSFW -

Just another band on the road. Endless trips in the van, flipping through pussy (cat) centerfolds, drinking apple juice (?) straight from the bottle, picking up naked hitchikers, baptising them on the roadside with flowers and that aformentioned mystery liquid (please be apple juice). In other words it's exactly like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" but not quite as perverse or bizarre. --> watch "Get Away" (note: Not Safe For Work)

WATCH IT: Yuck "Holing Out" (Michael., dir.) [NSFW]

Although this new Yuck video is all sorts of fuzzy and degraded, it's all in terms of the various lo-fi effects that perfectly match the shoegazing tune. That is, until the video reaches it's NSFW climax in which a naked girl gets mauled by a werewolf type thing. --> watch "Holing Out" [NSFW]

Yuck "Holing Out" (Fat Possum)Michael., director | Videothing, production co | Las Bandas Be Brave, rep

WATCH IT: Yuck "Rubber" (Michael Reich, dir.) - NSFW-

Is it wrong to find eroticism in washing a dog? Is it even legal? Whatever the answer (ed: Yes, wrong. Legal, probably, unless acted upon), here we are, presented with the sexiest dog grooming video ever. Director Michael Reich emphasizes each repetitive act of sudsing and stroking, before making the sexual connection incredibly obvious by mixing in some shots of the apprentice groomer's naked body. It's very unsafe for work, especially when you consider how the nipple shots are juxtaposed with sequences where dog anal glands are expressed. Yuck, which happens to also be the band's name. --> "Rubber" (NOTE: Very NSFW)