WATCH IT: Truckasaurus "Fak!"

take it It's hard to say what's riskier about this viral video for Seattle electronic pranksters Truckasaurus: Forcing viewers to ponder the implicit (explicit?) homosexuality of professional wrestling, or inviting the litigious goons at Vince McMahon's WWE to slap down a Cease & Desist letter faster than Andy Kaufman could incite an ass-kicking from Jerry Lawler. Director/Editor Dan Borden recuts a "classic" match between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior so that each pelvic thrust is synced with the beat. It's kinda random and fun, but no more so than the fake Hollywood trailer that precedes it. --> watch "Fak!" via PitchforkTV

Truckasaurus "Fak!" (Fourth City)
Dan Borden, director/editor