WATCH IT: The Wave Pictures "Just Like A Drummer"

Wave PicturesWave Pictures Location, location, location. The concept of this video for UK band The Wave Pictures is about as simple as it gets: Random folks from all walks of life lip-sync a song in various parts of a city. Thankfully, the city in question here isn't the usual music video locales of NYC or Los Angeles or London or Miami or Atlanta. Instead, Guatemalan director Eduardo Benchoam welcomes us to downtown Guatemala City, a colorful locale that is refreshingly fresh. The many non-actors on-screen all seem incredibly enthusiastic to play it up for the camera and are treated with the kind of humble celebratory tone you would expect from a local director and crew. Commissioned through the web site Radar Music Videos, this is a nice little video that bodes well for the possibilities when small labels are able to cull ideas and talent from around the globe. And, I have a feeling that El Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo prefers this video's depiction of Guatemala City to headlines like, "US tourist hacked to death in Guatemala." --> watch "Just Like A Drummer"

The Wave Pictures "Just Like A Drummer" (Moshi Moshi)
Eduardo Benchoam, director | Stefan Benchoam, producer | Colectiva, production co | Federico Delgado, DP | Eduardo Benchoam, editor