How An "I Quit" Viral Gave Kanye His First Billboard Hot 100 Hit of 2013

How's this for chart perversion: There's a Kanye West song that just cracked the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The song is "Gone." It's 8 years old. And it's charting because a viral video features (former) news producer Marina Shifrin performing an interpretive "I quit" dance for her (former) boss. And as you know, the Billboard chart now uses YouTube plays as part of its calculation.

I'm telling you: Keyboard cat will one day be a #1 hit. Or maybe "What The Fox Say"...

PS: One of this video's points was to focus on the content and not the views, which is somewhat ironic since the video has 15+ million views.

Lianne La Havas "Gone" (Colin Solal Cardo, Dir.)

Lianne La Havas - Gone (Official Video)

Director Colin Solal Cardo hails from La Blogoteque, which specializes in performance videos that truly capture the sense of discovery and surprise that usually gets lost in translation when music hits film. "Gone" is more of a narrative clip, but there's still plenty of mystery and magic as you need to stay tuned until the end to figure out what's happened to the lovely Lianne La Havas.