2013 Webby Award Winners

Alma Har'el, Chris Milk and others recognized for music video excellence

Tool's 5-Word Speech at the 17th Annual Webby Awards

In the spirit of the web, I'll just steal the desciption of The Webby Awards from their site: The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet.

There's a ridiculous amount of categories, and some of them are indeed ridiculous — for example, the fact that the AmEx Unstaged live concert series was named Best Financial Services & Insurance is all you need to know about what's wrong with the Financial Services & Insurance industry.

Anyway, there were several winners at last night's award show that had a close relationship to music and/or video, many of which you've seen here on Videostatic.com this past year and are indeed worthy of any and all awards.

Best Use Of Online Media went to the interactive video ALB "Golden Chains" (Johnatan Broda, dir.)

Best Use Of Video Or Moving Image went to director Chris Milk for his groundbreaking interactive experience for Hello Again: Beck 360° - Sound And Vision. This also won for Best Auto & Auto Services, since it was sponsored by Lincoln.

Best Music (site) went to VEVO

Best Music (video) went to director Alma Har'el for Sigur Ros "Fjogur Piano." Also getting notice was director Andrew Huang's Bjork video "Mutual Core," which was named the People's Voice winner.

Best Video Remix went to the Mister Rogers Remix: Garden Of Your Mind

Best Financial Services & Insurance went to the American Express Unstaged concert series on VEVO, which combined rock bands with equally notable directors for live streaming performances.

See all the winners at winners.webbyawards.com/2013 and watch the award show itself, hosted by Patton Oswalt.

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