Michael Jackson "Thriller" To Return... in 3D

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Is it ironic that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is the music video that keeps finding new life?

Now that director John Landis has settled his lawsuit over his profit share from the video — I assume for way more than the $75,000 actress Ola Ray got in a lawsuit over her role as MJ's GF —  the Michael Jackson estate is ready to make some more money off this underutilized asset.

"That lawsuit went on for so many years, (but) we settled and they paid me finally. And so, actually there is something happening with ‘Thriller." - John Landis, director

Landis has revealed that a revamped and newly 3D version of the video will be released next year, with a planned theatrical run and BluRay edition. And, a Jackson Estate insider adds that a "dance experience or a zombie-style,shoot-’ em-up" video game is also in the cards.

So, dust off those red leather jackets and practice that dopey dance — "Thriller" is gonna be rising from the dead sometime soon.