Counting Crows "Palisades Park" (Bill Fishman, dir.)

Counting Crows - Palisades Park (Official)

Palisades Park is long gone. The last amusement ride was in 1971, with that prime real estate along the Hudson going to condominiums. Closest you can get to that old vibe is Coney Island, which still clings on with that faded carnival spirit. And Coney Island is where we start in this portraiture tribue to all the dreamers, the wannabes, the failures, the disasters and the survivors in the rock 'n' roll carnival.

As a wise man once said to a girl named Sandy, "this boardwalk life for me is through, you kmow you ought to quit this scene too"...

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Dan Taggatz, First Assistant Director
Alon Gelnik, Production Manager
Britni West, Production Designer