Colin Wyatt

Illenium "Crashing" (Joshua Lipworth, dir.)

‘Crashing’ is Illenium’s first live action music video. The story follows the tragic collision of two souls, told through intense staccato visuals and a fiery burned orange colour palette.  A dizzying array of specialist teams pulled off the impossible and managed to fit car crashes, pyrotechnics, drone-lights, high-speed pursuits and wire work into single long winter night on a Kiev forest road. 

Counting Crows "Palisades Park" (Bill Fishman, dir.)

Palisades Park is long gone. The last amusement ride was in 1971, with that prime real estate along the Hudson going to condominiums. Closest you can get to that old vibe is Coney Island, which still clings on with that faded carnival spirit. And Coney Island is where we start in this portraiture tribue to all the dreamers, the wannabes, the failures, the disasters and the survivors in the rock 'n' roll carnival.

As a wise man once said to a girl named Sandy, "this boardwalk life for me is through, you kmow you ought to quit this scene too"...

The Madden Brothers "We Are Done" (David Katzenberg, Seth Grahme-Smith, dir.)

While Good Charlotte has always been all about The Madden Brothers, the twins finally go out under that name with a slick sound closer to retro-soul than anything close to their punk/pop roots. Similarly, this video is all about Benji and Joel Madden with a few additional elements — most notably portraiture set-ups of all sorts of people with "Done" placards — to keep things moving.