BOOKED: Janet Jackson - Robert Hales, director

To support the new Janet hits compilation, Number Ones...

  • artist: Janet Jackson
  • song: "Make Me"
  • label: A&M/Interscope
  • director(s): Robert Hales
  • production co: HSI
  • producer: Oualid Mouaness
  • exec producer: Coleen Haynes
  • commissioner: Kathy Angstadt


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Cool Im Excited :)
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cant wait :)
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I love Janet! The song is super-hot and classic Janet with a hot new sound...I am SO ready for the video! I am ready for it to go to radio as well as buy the album on Nov.17th. Janet is true talent in rare form...I love her dearly, and she has blessed my life so much with her incredible music and talnet.
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I am very excited about this news. "Make Me" is a great song that has a classic Janet feel. I hope we get a video that is equally classic Janet!
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I know janet will bring it as usual. I hope this will be an all out dance video. Janet, show them how it suppose to be done. Luv u, FOREVER!!!
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yes i love the song its not to much that she comes out with thats not hot an i cnt wait for the video either i no shes goi to shut it dwn like always
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I'm super-excited about the new JANET Music video! can't wait!
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