2009: Must Watch Videos

These are the videos that caught my eye while scanning over the 200+ music videos that were featured on Video Static this past year. These are the best, or my favorites, or the most creative, or the most important, or some combination of all that. Or not. Just watch em...

The Ten Must Watch Videos Of 2009, in a somewhat particular order:

Other notables:

note: All videos listed here have previously been on the site. So, if I never covered it, I didn't consider it here. I also didn't consider the Kanye West and Spike Jonze collaboration "We Were Once A Fairytale" since it's a short film, not a music video. And I also didn't consider anything in which I had any sort of personal involvement. In other words, I was mostly inconsiderate.

Video Static will be on a irregular schedule through January 4, 2010. Thanks for another fine + fun year. Happy holidays!


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thank you for everything, happy holidays
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Great list could not agree more.
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Dope Site!