THE OTHER SIDE: Dormtainment "Ass On The Internet" (Mike Cooke, dir.)

THE OTHER SIDE is the underbelly of the music video world, as discovered by contibutor Bryan Reisberg. Some of it's amateur, some bizarre, some awful, some great, but hopefully all of it compelling, or at least amusing. Or appalling, perhaps.

Ahh, college...

Dormtainment "Ass On The Internet" (DormtainmentTV)Mike Cooke, director | @Dormtainment, producers 

Best Music Videos of 2012: Hip-Hop Edition

Over the past year we've written about and posted 500+ music videos. That's a lot. I've also featured over 200 as being the "Best" of the past year. That's also a lot.

So, instead of just giving you 10 or so videos this year in a single best-of list, I thought I'd break it down thematically over these last few weeks of 2012. First up is the Top 10 Hip-Hop Music Videos of 2012...

Watch it as a playlist, or click the song titles below for full credits and reviews.


Who Is Al Walser?

Who is Al Walser? Most notably, he's a 2013 Grammy nominee in the Best Dance Recording category for his single "I Can't Live Without You," relesed by Cut The Bull Records. 

The other nominees for Best Dance are Avicii, Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia. Four of the biggest EDM acts in the world. And Al Walser.

No word on whether Soy Bomb is involved. 

CAN YOU WATCH IT: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Questions that came to mind:

Did Ark Music Factory oversee this new John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John collabo song/video?

Are they purposefully baiting us with "I Think You Might Like It" as the title?

Is John Travolta the first person to actually own the private plane we see  in his music video?

Couldn't these two have held out for a Grease reboot?

Would the band name be John-John, or Travolta-John? 

Is it terrible to poke fun at something done for charity and clearly in good fun?

PSY Can Now Afford To Be Gangnam Style

There was a period of time when the music video was marginalized.

"They don't matter... They don't break songs... They're too expensive..."

Maybe that was true for a minute (literally, perhaps), but does anyone think that PSY would have conquered the world if it wasn't for that video with it's horsey dance?

Happy Thanksgiving: Nicole Westbrook "It's Thanksgiving"

Save your turkey jokes.

"It's Thanksgiving" comes from the mad geniuses behind "Friday," introducing the world to pre-teen non-singer Nicole Westbrook.

My favorite part is how her eyes are closed in the YouTube screen shot. That's how confident they are about this being undeniable. And being that it's over 10 million views with Thanksgiving and the holiday season just kicking off? They may be onto something.

 --> watch "It's Thanksgiving"