WATCH IT: Diane Birch "Valentino" (Dennis Liu, dir.)


Most one-take videos are simple. Somebody walking down a public street naked, for instance, or something similar that allows for a bit of randomness. While this clip for Diane Birch isn't quite on the level of OK Go's gigantic machine extravaganza "This Too Shall Pass"  — then again, what is? — director Dennis Liu and team tackled and nailed something that required a whole lotta precision. Here's the gist: Birch hits play on her phonograph, pulls up a movie screen, starts a projection and then steps behind the screen. The gag? While the footage plays on the screen, she keeps pace with every move, so that it seems as if her legs are attached to her projected torso. Hard to explain, easy to enjoy. So click. [PS: They did 62 takes. The actual video is take 57.] --> watch "Valentino" plus a behind-the-scenes screenless version

Diane Birch "Valentino" (S-Curve)
Dennis Liu, director | Steven Johnson, producer | Factory Features, production co (Liu is signed with Radical Media) | Doug Emmett, DP | Sydney Hanson, Chris Taylor, animators | Jill Kaplan/Skyway productions, commissioner