Neyla Pekarek "Train" (Liza Nelson, dir.)

"This is the kind of video I've dreamed of making since I first discovered the whimsical genius of Michel Gondry and my complete obsession with cardboard as a teenager. This is the first time I've both built an entire set and directed, and I've never put more of myself into something in my life. I got to create an entire world out of trash and play with marionettes and cloud pulleys like I've been doing since I was a kid, only this time it was for an incredible artist who I love and respect.

Andy Grammer "Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

Never trust the parking attendant with your orange Lamborghini, even if the worker in question is a class act like Andy Grammer, and especially if the car owner is a certain Richard Edson who has some joyride karma ready to be repaid for his Ferris Bueller shenanigans.

That said, AG is the star of this show, zooming around with bandmate Zach Rudulph and showing off some moves that would make his Dancing With The Stars judges proud.

WATCH IT: Andy Grammer "Miss Me" (Justin Baldoni, dir.)

Sad? Heartbroken? Grab a glowstick and make your way to a Andy Grammer rooftop performance that's attracting all the lonely people*.  --> watch "Miss Me"

*There's an old story that in wake of "Big Me," fans started chucking Mentos at Foo Fighters when they played the song live, as a tribute to the video. So, a concept revolving around Glow Sticks makes for some potentially cool tour visual (and they're less likely to take your eye out when they bombard the stage)