WATCH IT: Lady Gaga "Telephone" (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

Lady Gaga and director Jonas Akerlund  channel the spirit of Quentin Tarantino in this very ambitious video for "Telephone." Some of the homages are absolutely explicit — the Pussy Wagon, or the quirky dialogue, for example — while others are more in spirit, such as the fascination with exploitation films like the Prison Chick inspiration that grounds the video. But mostly, it's a wholly created world, like the '50s-meets-future vibe of Pulp Fiction, that's totally nonsensical, yet strangely believable.  "Telephone" is beyond campy, totally unrestrained — nudity, cursing and product placements are all proudly flaunted — and so self-referential that you wonder if Gaga is pulling a post-modern art prank to see if she can be a pop star by parodying and amplifying the ridiculousness that has always been a part of pop stardom. --> watch "Telephone"


Lady Gag f/ Beyonce "Telephone" (Streamline/Interscope)
Jonas Akerlund, director | Shelli Jury, Nicole Ehrlich, Vincent Herbert, Troy Carter, producers | RAF/Serial Pictures, production co | Laure Scott, rep | Par Ekberg, DP | Christian Larsen, editor | Jason Hamilton, production designer | Matthew Williams, art director (Gaga) | Nicola Formichetti, stylist



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Did they really need to put that Virgin Mobile logo in that video so much?
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Mmm, Miracle Whip!