WATCH IT: Jay-Z + Kanye West "Otis" (Spike Jonze, dir.)

Jay-Z and Kanye West and director Spike Jonze make it look easier, more effortless than it could possibly be in this first video off Watch The Throne. A huge, faded American flag as a backdrop, a customized car that's cooler than anything you've seen on Pimp My Ride — I like to think the initial chainsaw/blowtorch shot here is a nod to "Close To The Edit", but I often like to make that connection —  plus some pyrotechnics and other tomfoolery. All for a cause, by the way: The video's vehicle will be auctioned, with proceeds going toward victims of the East African Drought. --> watch "Otis"

Jay-Z and Kanye West "Otis"
Spike Jonze, director | Vincent LandayBilly Parks, producer | MJZ, production co. | Labuda Management, video rep | Harris Savides, DP | Jeff Buchanan @ Final Cut, editor | Elliott Hostetter, production designer | Sean Coleman @ Company 3, colorist 



Doug's picture
Great fun. Hard to get such big stars to be so loose and goofy. Too bad about the weapons grade tone-deaf materialism.