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WATCH IT: Lady Gaga "Yoü And I" (Laurieann Gibson, dir.)

Gaga Goes To Nebraska in "Yoü And I," a wild video that's a whole lot edgier than anything you'd typically associate with the Cornhusker State. An intro cobbles together the grotesqueness of old Marilyn Manson videos (a recurring Gaga fetish, I believe) with the surreally sunny ice cream truck of Smashing Pumpking "Today" before rocketing to something of an update of Footloose, but with lots of androgyny and a sexy mermaid. If her last video was derided as being too simple, "Yoü And I" piles up memorable images and set-ups at a ridiculous pace, building upon her own mythology — most notably her male greaser alter-ego Jo Calderone — and giving her audience what it want. And for good measure, she even throws an ümlaut into the song title. --> watch "Yoü And I"

Lady Gaga "Yoü And I" (Interscope)
Laurieann Gibson, director | Steven Johnson, Nicole Ehrlich, producer | Factory Films, production co | Maz Makhani, DP | Jarrett Fijal, editor | Baked FX, fx

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