WATCH IT: Duran Duran "Girl Panic" (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

"I'm nostalgic for the old days, you know, the shoulder pads and the big hair. This is a little throwback to that look." - John Taylor, Duran Duran Cindy Crawford

They don't  usually make videos like this anymore. Boasting the most supermodels per frame of any music video since George Michael "Freedom," director Jonas Akerlund succinctly recaps nearly everything you need to know about Duran Duran, if not the entire rock video era. Casting some of the biggest supermodels of all time — Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen —  in place of Duran Duran to appear in a sort of behind-the-scenes look back on the band's career as they launch into new cut "Girl Panic," Akerlund wrings out every bit of emotion you'd expect as the notions of fading superstardom, changing fashions and relevancy plays out on multiple levels. It's pretty much perfect — even the length and pretension is perfect given the subject matter — and even though it all but acknowledges won't have the impact of any of the other Duran Duran videos that get seen during a flashback montage, it just may be the best video they've ever done. (And if you don't believe, go back and watch "Wild Boys" and let me know if it holds up). --> watch "Girl Panic" plus a Making Of and a behind-the-scenes look at the models and sponsor Swarovski Crystals 

Duran Duran "Girl Panic" (S-Curve)
Jonas Akerlund, director/writer | Svana Gisla, Helen Potter, producers | Black Dog Films, production co | Laure Scott, rep | Erik Sohlstrom, DP | Christian Larson, editor |  Joseph Bennett, production designer | Wendy Laister, exec. producer