WATCH IT: Maroon 5 f/ Wiz Khalifa "Payphone" (Sam Bayer, dir.)

The splashy new Maroon 5 video is muscularly packed with enough car chases, guns and logic leaps to shame the trailer for a summer tent-pole action movie. Director Sam Bayer really exploits the music video biz's new 'it's only on the internet' freedom with more pistols, AKs and shotguns than an early NWA clip, plus Adam Levine stepping away from the set of The Voice to ignore an explosion as only a true star can. --> watch "Payphone"

Maroon 5 f/ Wiz Khalifa "Payphone" (A&M/Octone)
Samuel Bayer, director | Serial Pictures, production co | Violaine Etienne, exec | Melinda Kelly, commissioner



Drew's picture
This isn't the best Sam Bayer clip, nor the best Maroon 5 clip, but i gotta admit this one is alotta fun to watch and I'll bet it was a blast to make. Nearly everything in it is a constant highlight.