WATCH IT: Lana Del Rey "National Anthem" (Anthony Mandler, dir.)

I always say a video is good if it can sound compelling in a one sentence description: Rapper A$AP Rocky is John F. Kennedy and Lana Del Rey is Jacqueline Kennedy in a reimagining of JFK that even Oliver Stone would admit is meant to be controversial.

Director Anthony Mandler nails the Super8mm Zapruder film vibe, covering both that awful moment in Dallas and private time back at the Summer compound. And even though it requires her to play a dual role as Marilyn Monroe, how could you not have LDR give a breathy version of Happy Birthday, Mr President?  --> watch "National Anthem"

Lana Del Rey "National Anthem" (Interscope)
Anthony Mandler, director  | Heather Heller, producer | Dave Devlin, DP |