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Nominations have been announced for Poland's annual Plus Camerimage Film Festival, which celebrates the art of cinematography. 

There will again be a Best Music Video and a Best Cinematograhy In A Music Video awards. Competing videos are:

    cinematographer: Morgan Susser | director: Nash Edgerton

  • City and Colour ‘FRAGILE BIRD'
    cinematographer: Adam Marsden | director: Michael Maxxis

  • Coldplay ‘PARADISE'
    cinematographer: Richard Stewart | director: Shynola

  • Czesław Śpiewa ‘DO LAURY
    cinematographer: Mads Køngerskov | director: Mads Nygaard Hemmingsen

    cinematographer: Daniel Pearl | director: Paul Boyd, Jeff Ranasinghe

  • Die Antwoord ‘I FINK U FREEKY'
    cinematographer: Melle Van Essen | director: Ninja, Roger Ballen

    cinematographer: Kasper Tuxen Andersen | director: Martin De Thurah

  • Flying Lotus ‘UNTIL THE QUIET COMES'
    cinematographer: Matthew J. Lloyd | director: Kahlil Joseph

  • Henson Keaton ‘SMALL HANDS'
    cinematographer: Matthew Day | director: Joseph Mann

  • Jamal ‘DEFTO'
    cinematographer: Kacper Fertacz | director: Krzysztof Skonieczny

  • Lana Del Rey ‘BLUE JEANS'
    cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto | director: Yoann Lemoine

  • M.I.A. ‘BAD GIRLS'
    cinematographer: André Chemetoff | director: Romain Gavras

  • Muse ‘MADNESS'
    cinematographer: David Devlin | director: Anthony Mandler

  • Paul McCartney ‘MY VALENTINE'
    cinematographer: Wally Pfister | director: Paul McCartney

  • Sigur Rós ‘FJÖGUR PÍANÓ'
    cinematographer: Shawn Kim | director: Alma Har'el

    cinematographer: Rik Zang | director: Joris Rabijns, Raf Reyntjens

  • The Presets ‘GHOSTS'
    cinematographer: Isaac Bauman | director: Abteen Bagheri

  • The Shoes ‘TIME TO DANCE'
    cinematographer: Robbie Ryan | director: Daniel Wolfe

  • Tom Waits ‘HELL BROKE LUCE'
    cinematographer: Matt Mahurin | director: Matt Mahurin

    cinematographer: Steve Annis | director: Toby Dye


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