Music Video Directors Who Should Make The New Star Wars Movie

The rumor mills are buzzing with potential directors for the Disney's continuation of the Star Wars saga.

Foolishly, everyone is overlooking the pool of music video talent that could/should start Star Wars 3.0 off in the right direction... 

That led us into making a list of:

Music Video Directors Who Should Make The New Star Wars Movie

Chris Cunningham — This would never happen. Not unless Disney decided that Star Wars needed to return to the THX 1138 robotic art film vibe. But, if that was the case, Cunningham is the master.


Warren Fu — The dude worked on VFX for the three Star Wars prequels. He's already in the Wookiepedia!


Francis Lawrence — Sure his Hunger Games shooting schedule probably overlaps (he's shooting THREE Hunger Games films all at once), but he should be the frontrunner. He can do action and sci-fi. He's worked with screenwriter Michael Arnt, who is reportedly penning the sequel. And I imagine there being a Cantina somewhere in the galaxy that looks like Bad Romance.


Joseph Kahn — A sci-fi fan, a master in capturing the scale of something like this. His epic promotional tweeting would be sure to get the attention of the 4 people on earth who aren't already excited to see these films. Plus, the droids would be sassy and we can count on Kahn to fight for having Greedo fire first.


Michel Gondry - Yarn TIE Fighters, anyone?

And list goes on and on..

...and on and on.

Special thanks to Doug Stern for helping with the Jedi Mind Tricks...


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Looks like we all got beat to the punch by Martin Scorsese. He's doing the new Star Wars 7 starring Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta! just saw the trailer: <a href=";hd=1" rel="nofollow">;hd=1</a>