Andre Jones

Tyler The Creator "Buffalo" (Wolf Haley, dir.)

Which Tyler The Creator do you want? This video offers two very stark choices: There's the provocative one who's willing to dangle from a noose and stare down an angy mob, but if that's a bit too aggro for you — did I mention he's in white face and that the mob is comprised solely of black people? —  and there's the squeaky-clean Tyler who's solely about presenting soothing music in a simple setting.

The choice should be easy, even if it makes you uneasy.

Eve "She Bad Bad" (TAJ, Dir.)

Eve - She Bad Bad (Official Music Video)

It's hard to imagine anyone questioning Eve's obvious badassness, but just in case, director TAJ lets her state her case. The powerful performance is filtered through a variety of old school analog and cutting edge digital noise, all shot with a vintage, sepia-toned look that lets us know Eve isn't just fierce today, but always and forever.

Director TAJ:

Big Boi "In The A" (Alexi Papalexopoulos, Dir.)

Big Boi ft. T.I. & Ludacris - "In The A"

While his partner goes off to do a little acting in Seattle, Big Boi keeps it realer than real in his Atlanta hometown. Director A. Papalexopoulos delivers the whiplash drive-bys and rapid fire performances from Sir Lucious Left Foot, The King of the South and the cop from that New Years Eve movie, all with a glorious old school feel that'll make you think your Motorola 2way is blowing up .