Atlantic Records

One Acen "Nigeria" (Shan Phearon, dir.)

An inventive, novel take on modern storytelling form squeezed into 3 mins. 'Trojan-horse' thematic subtext on psychological battles delivered through Pop film genre conventions and crime opera allegory. Watch Y2K-era aesthetics meet a post-Covid texture world, served up in a kinetic rap video that tries to go beyond merely aesthetic, technique and style, to play with an often undervalued tenant of short-form: new structural ideas.

By V V on August 21, 2020 @ 7:46am PDT

Jess Glynne "All I Am" (Declan Whitebloom, dir.)

Jess Glynne's latest video for 'All I Am' shows a lighter side to the singer as she parties and holidays with friends in Rio.

'All I Am' gives a unique glimpse into the life of a pop star as Glynne rehearses, performs at festivals, and parties with Nile Rodgers before heading off on a girls' holiday to Rio. Taken from the Grammy Award-winning singers' upcoming LP ‘Always In Between’, the video marks Glynne's fourth collaboration with Black Dog Films' Declan Whitebloom.

Birdy "Wild Horses" (Francis Wallis, dir.)

Francis Wallis has directed this dreamy, fantastical underwater vision for Birdy's Wild Horses, which sees the singer transformed into an ethereal mermaid who encounters a deep sea diver.

It's a lovely performance video with gorgeously crafted costumes, fabulous underwater photography, and at its heart, there's this tragic tale of a love that wasn't meant to be...