Beck "Colors" (Edgar Wright, dir.)

Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, etc. Beck collaborates with film director Edgar Wright, actress Alison Brie, and choreographer Ryan Heffington on a video that's, yes, quite colorful and absolutely ecstatic with sharp dancing and sharper editing that lands it somewhere between Busby Berkeley and Blue/Yellow Man Group.

The full video is exclusive to Apple, so go watch it at

Beck "Heart Is A Drum" (Sophie Muller, dir.)

Sure, it'll be scary when death comes to visit you — be it in the form of a grim reaper or friendly astronauts — and you reunite with your former selves, but don't be too consumed by fear. Otherwise you'll miss out on the strange beauty. Director Sophie Muller perfectly balances the silly and the serious with a nearly always perfect Beck — eg: Sexx Laws = not quite perfect —  in his Nick Drake mode.

Getting 360 "Sound & Vision" with Beck and Director Chris Milk

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" - 360° Experience Coming Soon

This is one of those things that start as a great idea and then you realize it's insanely great. Beyond great.

First we have Beck covering the David Bowie tune "Sound And Vision"...

With a 150+ member band... Including a full orchestra.

On an elaborate circular, rotating stage...