Beck / Hello Again - Sound And Vision 360 - Chris Milk, dir.

You are essentially there. And this is the first truly immersive live performance video, making your HD surround-sound home theater seem like a primitive joke.

Put on a pair of headphones, sit down at a computer equipped with a web cam, and load up "Sound And Vision." Don't get scared off by the loadtime or the instructions. It's simple: The cameras follow your gaze as they rotate around and between circular stages in this cavernous space. Click the thumbnails at the bottom left to switch camera tracks. The sound similarly changes based on where you are: If you're at Beck's origin point, then that's what you primarily hear; Click back to the camera near the orchestra and that takes precedence.

360° cameras. Custom binaural microphones. Face recognition and tracking. A few Easter Egg camera options to give you dizzying perspectives. If you've got the processor power and the time, it's a pretty damn amazing display of technology. And if you wonder how many people it took to put this together, check out the credits which are also huge.

Watch Beck / Hello Again - Sound And Vision 360 - Chris Milk, dir.  

Or, check the linear version via Vimeo, but it's just a flat version of a much more worldly experience.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Dave ussey, Colorist