Bryant Jansen

Panic! at the Disco "Girls/Girls/Boys" (D Jay Brawner, dir.)

Right there on the YouTube page, singer Brendon Urie celebrates that the inspiration for his latest torso-baring clip for Panic! at the Disco is everyone's favorite D'Angelo video. Director D Jay Brawner makes sure to give the fans everything (or alllmost everything) they want from this sexy one-taker, assuming the fans don't really want to look at anyone else in the band.

Bass Drum of Death "Bad Reputation" (wilcoxsessions, dir.) [NSFW]

Even if The Edge is gonna be pissed when he hears this riff — and maybe Joan Jett too —  I'd like to think that he'd get a vicarious kick out of the powderkeg girl in this gleefully irresponsible (don't drink/coke/smoke while driving, kids) and marauding video. Hookers, drugs, and a switchblade spoon that proves to be an effective gouger.