Céline Roubaud


An oddball half-human, half grape-faced monster lets off some steam - despite how much trouble he gets into, he just cannot stop himself from misbehaving (over and over again...)  An off the cuff, rough and rugged journey through the mundane market-stalls of East London, where the chaos of the day unfolds as our deformed dude refuses to take any more crap! 

I.V "Louder" (Thomas Tyman, dir.)

A Delorean car takes centre stage in Thomas Tyman's retro futuristic promo for IV's Louder. The car's owner/driver discovers a disgarded arcade console out in the desert - with a game starring his own vehicle and as he plays, life starts to imitate art...


Music Performed by I.V Written and Produced by I.V Mixed by I.V at Skylab studios Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound © 2014 Parlophone / Warner Music France