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Cameron Duddy

Rita Ora "Poison" (Cameron Duddy, dir.)

Stardom as an instant glamour model can be a bitch. Or maybe, it's just the photographers who discover and explout these beautiful people who are truly the bitches. Such is the situation in this tale of Rita Ora going from a street savvy headturner to a glossy pin-up girl under the watchful eye of a creepy Warholian predator type who peels her away from her man.

Mark Ronson f/ Mystikal "Feel Right" (Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars, dir.)

Florence Henderson and Mystikal together in a music video is an unlikely, yet undeniable combo... even if the rapper takes a backseat here in a cameo alongside Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars as judges.

"Feel Right" is a winner, thanks to the little kids who know how to get some asses a'shaking at a talent show MC'ed by the Mrs. Brady herself.

The Videostatic Interview: Cameron Duddy

As is the case with many directors, Cameron Duddy can tell a good story. And since it's a long story — but a good one, I promise — I'll skip a big introduction. Let's just say you've undoubtedly seen some of his videos for Bruno Mars, AWOLNATION, Grouplove and beyond... And despite the occasional tall tale — another common director's trait — there's also some unvarnished truth. For instance, ask him why his one-take music video for "The Lazy Song" has overr a half BILLION YouTube views, his answer is, "I have no fucking clue." (Although, on second thought, maybe he's just protecting his trade secrets, like any good director would)

Read on for our conversation, which takes lots of twists and turns along the way...

Grouplove "Shark Attack" (Cameron Duddy, dir.)

Every great trick carries the illusion of risk, but things could get truly dangerous when a magician switches Grouplove with two extremely dissimilar bands — one Mariachi, the other Ugandan metal — much to the displeasure of all involved.

PS: That's John Hawkes as the magician. Depending on your cultural level, you know him as either an award winning film actor, or as Kenny Power's brother on Eastbound & Down.