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Chris Milk

Avicii "Hey Brother (YouTube Music Awards version)" (Spike Jonze, Chris Milk, dir.)

A "Live Short Film" written by Lena Dunham, co-directed by Spike Jonze and Chris Milk, and starring Michael Shannon, Dree Hemingway, Nick Lashaway and Vanessa Hudgens. It might look like a typical indie film scene, but only if you click away before YouTube Music Awards host Jason Schwartzman strolls out with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" twist.

watch "Hey Brother" @ YouTube

Lady Gaga "Dope (YouTube Music Award version)" (Spike Jonze, Chris Milk, dir.)

There's not a director credit on this one. Instead, this in-character Lady Gaga performance is "documented" by Spike Jonze and Chris Milk. It's raw, bravely unstyled — yet, clearly "styled," if you know what I mean — and perhaps gunning to steal that up-close "real" emotional focus from Miley Cyrus.

Watch "Dope" via YouTube

Getting 360 "Sound & Vision" with Beck and Director Chris Milk

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" - 360° Experience Coming Soon

This is one of those things that start as a great idea and then you realize it's insanely great. Beyond great.

First we have Beck covering the David Bowie tune "Sound And Vision"...

With a 150+ member band... Including a full orchestra.

On an elaborate circular, rotating stage...