Coldplay "Champion Of The World" (Cloé Bailly, dir.)

Chris Martin flashes back to his outcast school days when he dreamed of blasting off into rock stardom.

Cloé Bailly, director: “It’s about this magic power kids have to switch off from reality and jump into their own world, especially when having to cope with pain. It’s a timeless story about feeling out of place and not fitting in and how this feeling can be the source of infinite creativity and an endless drive in life... It’s been such an honour to work with Coldplay. They have been so trusting on set and I am super grateful for them respecting me artistically in the making of this video.”

Coldplay "Hymn For The Weekend" (Ben Mor, dir.)

A colorful, magical mystery tour through Mumbai, Delhi, and Worli Village with Coldplay and guest singer Beyoncé, plus a cameo by Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor.

Ben Mor, director: "Hymn For The Weekend is such an exuberant, life-affirming song and I wanted the visuals to compliment and heighten that tone. At the same time, I wanted to spark people’s imaginations and curiosity as they watch just a small fraction of what India has to offer."