Coldplay "Adventure Of A Lifetime" (Mat Whitecross, dir.)

Why wait around for a monolith when you've got your paws around a Beats Pill and can rock out to the latest Coldplay single?

That's kinda/sorta the vibe of this motion capture video — made under consultation with the master, Andy Serkis — where a troupe of apes dance their asses off to the beats.

And yes, the Coldplay members got to act like apeman as you can see from this in-depth making-of article from Creative Review.

Coldplay "Magic" (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

Playing out unrequited love through passive-aggressive magical acts is one thing — Coldplay singer Chris Martin best hope that Crouching Tiger actress Ziyi Zheng keeps those knife throws straight and true — but learning to levitate as a means to woo your love interest away from her controlling master is truly next level. Call it carnies in love, call it old time silent movie magic: Either way it's some mad pick-up artist skills on display.