Colin Solal Cardo

Alicia Keys "Live in Paris | A Take Away Show" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Quote from Colin Solal Cardo:

I decided early on that I would not rely on a multi angle setup, instead staying true to our Blogotheque tradition - with only one camera and a close lens, in long takes. With an artist of her stature it was a gamble - no safety net, but it paid off. It's like Alicia is singing in your living room, which most of us don’t get to experience so often.

Quote from Alicia Keys:

“This was undeniably one of the coolest, most magical and intimate moments I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been dying to share this video.”

Metronomy "16 Beat" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Metronomy—Devon's own Paris-dwelling Joseph Mount—and his drumming companion Anna Prior, lay out their stall at Charles de Gaulle airport. The live set up is stripped, with the conveyor belt looping around, while a troupe of four dancers are set in glorious motion. It's all terribly chic. There are bongos. There are ankle-swinging wide-legged pants. The whole shebang is directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

Lola Marsh "You're Mine" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Filmed in the Israeli desert near the Dead Sea, "You're Mine" features Lola Marsh members Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau seemingly stranded and merely trying to pass the time while grasping with the reality of their situation. And while some location-based videos can seem cheesy, the grandiose nature of their surroundings only seems to amplify the cinematic feel of the song.

Says the band of the video and their opening, hand-clapping shot: